admissions support

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Initial Consultation

  • Thoroughly review and evaluate student’s academic and extracurricular background including transcripts, projected courses and extracurricular activities
  • Identify student’s successes, endeavors, achievements  and strengths
  • Examine what environment student thrives in
  • Identify how to effectively utilize the knowledge and experiences gained in high school

Admissions Strategy

  • Match interests, achievements and selection factor with appropriate universities in order to identify suitable colleges
  • Create a course of action (courses to take, extracurriculars to focus on)
  • Identify supplementary materials  and the requirements for submission
  • Ascertain SAT/ACT/SAT II/AP preparation needs
  • Find scholarship opportunities
  • Create individualized work plans and specific timelines to ensure that all applications and supporting materials are completed ahead of college application deadlines



College Essays and Personal Statements

  • Brainstorm essay topics, develop ideas
  • Offer support in writing college essays that stand out
  • Provide detailed suggestions for content vocabulary and correct structure
  • Emphasize the student’s voice and make sure they show strength of character


  • Guide in development of list of extracurricular activities that prove commitment, continuity of participation and contribution in all activities

Letters of Recommendation

  • Coach student regarding who to ask, how to best approach their teachers and counselors and what information to provide each writer
  • Discuss the potential of obtaining letters from people outside the school environment as potential supplementary recommendation letters.

Application Portfolio(s)

  • Provide guidance for completing supplementary materials for students that have specialized talents such as:
    • Musicians
    • Dancers
    • Actors
    • Math/science students
    • Writers
    • Artists
    • Photographers
    • Entrepreneurs
  • Often these applications require that additional materials be sent to prospective colleges
  • Examine detailed requirements to auditions and/or additional applications

Personal Website Design

  • Create an online portfolio that enables students to self promote
  • Websites are graphically appealing and have clear site navigation
  • Content may consist of:
    • Personal contact information
    • Academic and athletic achievements
    • Experience
    • Letters of recommendation
    • Art portfolios
    • Writing portfolio
    • Blogs or websites
    • Business ventures
    • Streaming video

Submitting College Applications

  • Research and explain up to date admissions requirements
  • Identify and improve trouble spots
  • Review the student’s applications thoroughly



Campus Tours

  • Encourage and plan college visits
  • Provide a list of suggested questions and tips what to use while touring schools

College Interviews

  • Identify the student’s strengths & weaknesses
  • Offer relevant tips booting confidence and improving technique
  • Rehearse potential questions and answers
  • Provide a thorough list of possible interview questions
  • Give student a list of questions to ask the interviewer



The Myers- Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

  • Help students identify satisfying college majors and careers where they develop passions
  • The world’s most trusted personality assessment – the Myers – Briggs (MBTI) assessment is powerfully versatile solution that has helped millions of people around the world better understand themselves and how they interact with others
  • Knowing your personality type can assure you of making the right college matches and better college major choices